Committee and Sponsors

Scientific Committee Family and Children’s Program
Chair: Prof. David Palmer – New Zealand Jenny Noble – New Zealand
Depty Chair: Dr. Nadia Mitchell – New Zealand John Forman – New Zealand
Prof Hans Aerts – Netherlands Paul Marquardt – New Zealand
Dr Alessandra d'Azzo – United States Vanessa Ede Scott – MPS Society  Australia
Prof. Brian Bigger – United Kingdom Ra Timms – Batten New Zealand
Prof. Jon Cooper – United States  
Prof. Antony Fairbanks – New Zealand  
Dr Steven Gray – United States  
Dr Ivanhoe Leung – New Zealand  
Dr Kim Hemsley – Australia  
Dr Jim McGill – Australia  
Dr Andrew Munkacsi – New Zealand  
Professor Konrad Sandhoff – Germany  
David Sleat – United States  
Prof. Steven Walkley – United States  

Conference Donors

LDNZ is very grateful to the following companies and other groups who have provided Charitable Donations for the Conference.